The freshness and quality of our produce, here we simply respect this rule imposed by the family, is the great secret of fine dining at “Au Cerf d’Or”. The small producer is to honor and hold a place in the main proposals of the leaders. Today’s varied cuisine and quality that marry some game specialties and, of course, Alsatian recipes that make the reputation of our region.

Let yourself be tempted by the chef, you will never be disappointed. The stew of venison marinated has the time to develop all its flavors Sauerkraut is faithful to Alsatian tradition, generous and strong in personality. The desserts are varied with its iced Kougelhopf and its Kirsch d’Alsace and the fruits of the region always highlighted (mirabelle plum pies….) 
And most importantly, taste the Gewurztraminer foie gras lovingly created by the chef, you will  never love another one so well.

Of course, the cellar is well stocked and hides great treasures for the palate. From the small pitcher Sylvaner fresh and fruity to famous wines from our region, you will find your happiness. Ask us, the Erb family will always have a small winemaker’s to recommend.