The Establishment has been owned by the Erb family for 3 generations. In 1916, the family, with chef Ernest Erb at their head, buys a simple tavern. And already neighbouring Civil Hospital doctors of liked caming to enjoy a short break or a good meal.

Then the second generation, with Roger Erb, transforms the dining room into a brewery and restaurant under the name “Au Cerf d’Or”. In 1981, 16 rooms are set up to create a business hospitality establishment. Then the family acquires another building with 2 houses to create 21 new rooms and a spa area with sauna, Jacuzzi and an indoor pool in the heart of Strasbourg !

The third generation continues the business of renovating new rooms and a new restaurant by including its neighbour, “Elephant.” For 2011, the family will further expand with the renovation of a new annex.

Today, the Erb family is still in control, with Jacky and Jean-Luc in the kitchen, Marie Christine and Genevieve in charge of the dining room  and reception.  Denise Erb, Jean-Luc and Jacky’s mother, who supervises the smart team with wisdom. The establishment shows the atmosphere of true family homes where successive generations have built and sustained this particular place.